World Class Heritage Conference, York, 2011

February 2015 | York Archaeological Forum

World Class Heritage

A conference sponsored by York Archaeological Forum, York, 30 Sept - 2 Oct, 2011

In 2011 it was 20 years since the publication of the York Development and Archaeology Study (by Ove Arup and Partners and York University in association with Bernard Thorpe) - the 'Ove Arup Report'. To mark this important anniversary, the York Archaeological Forum, which advises the City of York Council on archaeological and historic environment matters, sponsored a conference bringing together a broad spectrum of interested parties to launch the process of developing a new strategy for the city's archaeology and historic environment. The conference was in two parts: one looked at key projects and research themes, and the other at management practice and presentation. The speakers and the titles of their papers may be downloaded here. Each speaker was invited to look back at achievements in their field since the Ove Arup report was published and to set out a programme for the future.

The result was a very stimulating weekend which gave an impressive overview of achievement in the study, presentation and community involvement in the archaeology of the Greater York area. A great range of predictions, reflections and statements of intent combined to give the process the Forum wished to initiate a firm basis from which to proceed. 

Six of the papers (by Cath Neal, Patrick Ottaway, Cecily Spall and Nicola Toop, Alison Sinclair and Sarah Maltby) were produced in written form suitable for publication and are available to download here. A video recording was made of the other papers; they have been transcribed and it is hoped to make them publicly available in due course.

Patrick Ottaway (Chairman, York Archaeological Forum)


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