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PJO Archaeology is a York-based archaeological consultancy providing a wide range of services to commercial and academic clients all over the UK. It is managed by Dr Patrick Ottaway who has over thirty years of experience as a field archaeologist. Patrick has also had considerable experience of consultancy for commercial clients in London, in other towns including Bristol, Leicester, Norwich, Peterborough and Southampton, and in non-urban areas including the site of the new University of York campus and a number of wind energy sites. 

PJO Archaeology works in association with other archaeological practices in the UK to deliver the requirements of individual projects to the highest professional standards.

Commercial Consultancy

For commercial clients PJO Archaeology provides independent advice on all aspects of the management of archaeological investigations required as part of the planning and development process.

Recent Projects
Consultancy in Winchester
Bargate Centre, Southampton
Current and recent clients

Academic Consultancy

For academic clients PJO Archaeology provides a range of services including report writing, academic editing, finds research, academic and popular publications, lectures and courses on archaeology and reconstruction illustrations.

Recent Projects
Julia Velva Roman Lady from York
Winchester Post-Roman suburbs report
Hyde Abbey, Winchester


I am Patrick Ottaway, manager of PJO Archaeology, an archaeological and heritage consultancy based in York. My projects have been located in towns including Bristol, Leicester, Southampton, Winchester and York, and in rural areas around the UK including the new York University campus at Heslington, and a number of wind farm sites. I provide a range of services for commercial clients relating to archaeology and the planning process... more

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