Report: Winchester Roman Cemeteries and Suburbs

May 2022 | Winchester Museum Service

Patrick Ottaway is the principal author and academic editor of a major volume of archaeological reports from excavations in Winchester published by Winchester Museums with the support of Historic England. The full title is:

The Roman Cemeteries and Suburbs of Winchester :Excavations 1971 - 1986, by P.J. Ottaway, K.E. Qualmann, H. Rees and G.D. Scobie (2012; isbn 978 086135 020 9).

The volume includes a report on a major excavation (Victoria Road East) directed by Patrick Ottaway immediately outside Winchester's north gate. It produced over 100 Roman burials, principally cremations, in a cemetery of the 1st - 2nd centuries. The cemetery was succeeded by a series of later Roman timber buildings accompanied by pits and wells which contained large and important collections of animal bones and pottery. The volume also  includes reports on Roman cemeteries elsewhere in the northern suburb and in the eastern and western suburbs of the Roman town. There is a full gazetteer of all Roman burials and other finds from Winchester's suburbs. 

The volume is available from Winchester City Museums at £35 .

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