Roman Yorkshire

May 2022 | Blackthorn Press

Patrick Ottaway's book entitled Roman Yorkshire: People, Culture, Landscape, was published by the Blackthorn Press (ISBN 978 1 906259 33 4) in December 2013. It is an introduction to the Roman period in the historic county (before 1974 reorganisation) between the 1st and 5th centuries AD which reviews the sources of evidence, archaeological, epigraphic and documentary, and discusses a series of related themes including Roman military sites, towns and other settlements, agriculture, the visual arts, religion and burial customs. Not only York (Roman Eboracum), but the whole of Yorkshire is very rich in the remains of its Roman past, and many new sites and finds have come to light in archaeological excavations of the last 20 years or so. Roman Yorkshire will present the first new overview of the subject since the 1930s. 

Chapter 1, Introduction, can be downloaded as a pdf document. 

A paperback edition was published in 2019.


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