Bargate Centre, Southampton

September 2022 | Bargate Property Ltd

PJO Archaeology is acting as archaeological consultant for the redevelopment of the Bargate Quarter in Southampton. This is on the site of the Bargate Centre, a shopping centre constructed in 1990 which has been demolished. The site is archaeologically significant as it lies in, and immediately outside, the north-east corner of the medieval walled town. Excavations in the 1980s revealed remains of prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval date. We are advising the client on the scope of archaeological investigations required under the terms of the National Planning Policy Framework and Southampton City Council's policy on archaeology and planning. We are also managing Scheduled Monument Consent applications for landscaping and refurbishment of the town wall. The excavations are being undertaken by Southampton Archaeology.  Important recent discoveries include a large area of the Late Anglo-Saxon town east of the medieval walls. The excavations will conclude in 2022. 

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